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George Wise II

e-mail from June Grove - 6 May 2017

This is from Prowell's history, published in 1907.  My friend, Betty
Daugherty's son now owns his 100-acre property and wants to know more
about the farm.  This gives some.  I've shortened it a little:
George Wise (I call him II, not Jr.) was born near Collinsville,
Chanceford township, July 20, 1835, the only child of George and
Elizabeth (Runkle) Wise, both of whom died in that township. George
Wise, the father of George, was born on the Wrightsville road, back of
Brogueville (actually Brogue now), where he was a farmer, and died a
short time before our subject was born. He (George Wise I) married
Elizabeth Runkle, who became the wife of David Arnold after Mr. Wise's
death (lived on Collinsville Road). Mr. Wise attended the Murphy
school (same road as George Wise II's farm, now Leiphart Road) until
nineteen years of age, being reared a farmer's boy by his grandfather,
John Runkle (1789-1863), a farmer of that section (lived on
Collinsville Road). There were no reapers or binders in those days,
the first threshing machine being a four-horse power, lever machine.
Mr. Wise worked with a cradle and Dutch scythe and was considered
a very good hand. He remained with his grandfather until he was
twenty-three years of
age, and then settled on a part of the old farm owned by his
grandfather, Jacob Wise, located one mile from Brogueville near the
Wrightsville road (probably Lucky Road now). There he remained for
twelve years, and then sold the property and bought the tract of about
100 acres now owned by WilIiam Smeltzer (now Glenn Daugherty). This
farm he worked until eleven years ago (ca 1896), when, considering
that he deserved a rest from his labors, Mr. Wise retired from active
life, selling his farm and buying his present place which consists of
fifteen acres (on Lucky Road I believe). There he established a store,
which he has since continued.  Mr. Wise has been a life-long Democrat
and has served as judge of elections, as school director, and as
commissioner (should be able to find something on this).  He is a
member of the Lutheran Church (St. Luke).  In his younger days he had
been a member of the Evangelical association (Pleasant Hill Church on
Hively Road) and was largely instrumental in the building of the
church in the neighborhood.  This edifice was abandoned and later
occupied by the M. E. Church, of which Mr. Wise became a member (page
58, Chanceford book).  I need ink for my printer, so I hope you can
keep this somewhere.  I'll look again for his record as County
Commissioner.  I'd love to have a photo.  Now a few more facts:
1880 census married to Sabina.
July 16, 1902 The York Daily - Same as August 2
August 2, 1902 The York Daily - Placed on ballot for recorder of
deeds:  George Wise, Chanceford.
September 29, 1903 The York Daily - The undersigned Assignee for the
benefit of creditors of George Wise and wife, of Chanceford township,
York county, Pa., by virtue of an order of the Court of Common Pleas
of York county. Pa., will sell at public sale the following valuable
real estate of said assignors, near New Bridgeville:  A tract of land
situated in said township, adjoining lands of V. O. Blouse, Charles
Baok (maybe Beck), D. V. Detwiler and others and oontaining fifteen
(15) acres, more or less. The improvement thereon erected consists of
a two-story frame dwelling, with kitchen attached; frame bank barn and
tobacco shed; corn crib, hog pen, smoke house and other outbuildings.
There is an abundance of fruit on said premises, such as apples,
pears, berries, plums, grapes, etc. There is a spring of running water
near the buildings.  This is a very desirable home, all under
cultivation, well fenced and in a fine state of cultivation, and
convenient to stores, schools, churches and about one-half mile from
the river. For further information call on the parties living on the
tract, or on the undersigned in Chanceford township, Rockey, P. O.
Sale at 1 p.m. Terms and conditions made known at sale by JAMES W.

Owner/SourceProwell's History of York County, Pa
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