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    Text My name is Peter Van Runkle. I am a grandson of Thomas Earl Runkle, who is listed on your site. My father, Robert Lorimer Van Runkle (born Runkle), was a son of Thomas but is not listed as such. My dad was born 05/23/1919 in Lompoc, CA, and died 05/20/1980 in Columbus, OH. I saw you had his two sisters, Jean and Demba (who I think had a given name of Dorothy or Dorothea). Demba died a number of years ago, probably about 30, in CA. Her husband was Ralph Scanlon, and she had three daughters, Deralee, Merry, and Laurel Scanlon.
    In addition to my father, there was another son of Thomas E. Runkle. His name also was Thomas, and he probably was born about 1911. He is most likely gone by now, but I don't know that for sure. I believe his wife's name was Marty or something like that. He had at least one son, whose name I think was/is Robert Allen Runkle. I believe the Thomas (Jr.) Runkle family lived in WA.
    My father was married twice, once to Theodora (Schweppe) Van Runkle, the noted costume designer who passed away earlier this month. They had two children. His second wife was my mother, Mitzi. I also have a sister.
    I'm not totally sure how the "Van" got attached to our name, but I am told it was only used by my father and his sister Demba. 
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